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Diversified Fleet

7 Aces will offer a diversified fleet including a Cessna which is great personal use aircraft for most short-range VFR and IFR missions.  Our differentiator will be the Beech Baron with full glass and advanced systems.  It will allow our team to maximize their skills and experiences.

Flight Training

About two-thirds of flying clubs allow members to undertake primary flight training in club aircraft, and almost all of them allow training for advanced ratings. Club member may receive flight training in club aircraft. Members often include one or more experienced flight instructors who join to pursue their own flying. The social environment of a club also encourages constant learning and improvement. By flying together, members share tips and experiences that further enhance the safety and proficiency of the club.

1982 Beech Baron BE58

Rental Rate $380/hr wet

  • Twin Engine 200kts cruise

  • IFR Certified

  • G500 Glass cockpit

  • Anti-Ice

  • 6 Passengers

  • Range: 1200 nm

beech 2.jpg
beech 1.jpg

1977 Cessna C172N

Rental Rate $150/hr wet

  • Single engine 110 cruse speed

  • IFR Certified

  • 4 passenger 

  • Range 650nm

N733FG Photo.png

1982 Cessna C152

Rental Rate $128/hr wet

  • Single engine 107 cruse speed

  • 2 passenger 

  • Range 600nm

C152 Pic.jpg
C152 Cockpit.jpg
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