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7 Aces will be a Leadership club with Aviation at the foundation, however the mission of the club will be to inspire leadership, airmanship, and comradery.


7 Aces will seek south Jersey Leaders with a passion for aviation. Although the passion for aviation will be a common ground, we will seek members with diverse strengths to support the club’s objectives. Our membership will offer the feeling of ownership of beautiful well-maintained airplanes. Provide our members with great experiences that form lifetime or memories.  Provide tools and resources to help members reach their aviation goals.


  • Block Island

  • Sun n Fun

  • Oshkosh

  • Manitowoc Island

  • Key West

  • Catalina Island


  • Advanced ratings

  • High performance

  • Instrument flying

  • Fly a glass cockpit

  • Approach to minimums

  • Grass strip landing


  • Float plane rating

  • Helicopter flying

  • Airline simulator

  • Tailwheel flight

  • Warbird

  • Fighter jet


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Thanks for Joining 7 ACES AVIATION CLUB!


No Initial Membership Fee $0

Monthly Fee $50


Please fill out the FLYING CLUB APPLICATION form to Join 7 Aces Aviation and click the submit button below to email it in. The document along with other forms are available on the Resources page or by clicking the link below.

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Our mission and core values

Flight clubs have similar cultures and flying habits.  This includes getting together for hanger talk, basic flight instructions, and an occasional gathering or cookout.  7 Aces will share similar attributes; however, our core mission, values, and modernization will differentiate us.

Unique types of flying

Some clubs are built around an aircraft or type of flying. For example, specialty clubs form around gliders, taildraggers, warbirds, aerobatic, helicopter, and high-performance aircraft. These clubs give members access to a style or specific type of flying while creating a deep sense of mission and community. We will focus our mission on leadership through adventures, challenges, and experiences.  We will also coordinate with other aviation communities to diversify our experiences.


Giving Back:

Flying club members take satisfaction in using aviation to give back to their communities through youth outreach, flying scholarships, medical and disaster relief flying, and similar activities. They create value not just for their membership, but also for the entire aviation community. They help create new pilots and encourage more flying hours, which translates to fuel purchases and work for aircraft mechanics. Social Responsibility will be a primary part of our mission through Angel Flight, Air Charity Network, Paws and Pilots and many others.

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PROUD – Feeling of belonging to a great organization.

OWERSHIP – Each other, our club, our aircraft, and our experiences.

VALUE – Every penny you give the club is money towards memories that will last a lifetime.

FUN – That our core experiences will be something we look forward to, not feel obligated.

FAMILY – Each member signs up the family, not themselves. Many events will be family oriented.

NETWORK – Our network of leadership will be an asset to both personal and aviation goals.


Paul Morgan 

Managing Member – Business and Leadership program development

Experience - Airline Captain, Entrepreneur, Business Leader, Adventurer


John Scannell 

Recruiting and development


John DePaola

Chief Pilot – Holding membership accountable for flight operations.

Experience - Airline Captain, Entrepreneur, Chief pilot for a 121 Air Carrier

VIDEO: Paul Morgan and family enjoying a flight in the Beech Baron 

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